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Kayak trips alongside the Gendarme Path

FoX Hygge & Motion offers a total of four different kayak trips with a guide along the historic walking trail Gendarmstien.

FoX Hygge & Motion offers a total of four beautiful trips in kayak along the coast off the legendary Gendarmsti. The trips are organized so that they are suitable for both experienced and inexperienced rowers, and safety equipment and instruction/guiding are included in the price.

Vibæk Watermill - Sønderborg
A wonderful day trip of approx. 11 km which starts at the coast, below the last water mill on Als, from where you paddle in the direction of Sønderborg. Along the way, you pass Hørup Klint, where the German torpedo station was located and the bird sanctuary, Trillen, with the lookout tower. The tour ends in Sønderborg and there is a shuttle service back to Vibæk.

In 2023, this tour is offered on the following days:
June: 11
August: 1 & 15
September: 5, 12, 19 & 26
October: 3, 10, 17 & 24

Tour in Sønderborg
A nice 4 hour trip of approx. 6 km, where the start and finish are the same. On the tour around Sønderborg Harbour, the guide tells about the Gendarmstien and the city through the ages.

This tour is offered on the following days:
June: 25
July: 13, 22 & 29
August: 10, 12, 19, 20 & 22
September: 16, 17, 23, 24 & 30
October: 7, 8, 14, 15 & 21

Dynt Strand - Skelde Mark
The 10 km trip is a beautiful nature experience past the coastal cliff at Stensigmose and the beautiful coastal forest Skeldekobbel Skov, where the beautiful beech trees are reflected in the water. After the tour, there is a shuttle service back to the starting point.

This tour can be booked for:
July: 1, 9 & 27
August: 5 & 13

Cathrinesminde - Brunsnæs
This trip lasted approx. 5 hours and is approx. 6 km, where the coast is followed along the part of the Gendarmstien where, to this day, there are still traces of the brickworks industry in the area. The former ferry landing in Brunsnæs is both the start and end point for this trip.

The tour at Teglværkstien is offered in:
June: 29
July: 6 & 20
August: 3 & 17
September: 7

For more information on prices and booking tours see Booksonderjylland.dk

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