Kvinder og børn på supboards tæt på stranden ved Aarøsund

Aarø & Aarøsund

Foto: Peter Bjerke

Do not miss Aarøsund and Aarø Island, a gem in the Little Belt Straits. Aarø is a gastronomic treasure island. Aarø and Aarøsund are proud of their vineyard, impressive bird sanctuary and Christmas Church. 

Børn leger ved de små huse på Aarøsund Havn
Foto: Flying October
Aarø Færgen på vej mod fastlandet
Foto: Leif Nielsen


From the ferry terminal in Aarøsund, it takes just around 7 minutes by ferry to reach the beautiful gem in Little Belt - Aarø. In recent years, Aarø has become a popular destination for the whole family. The island offers many memorable experiences that the 150 islanders are happy to share with visitors. Aarø's nature is a focal point for many of the island's activities, and its winding, charming streets create a beautiful setting for the holiday.

We recommend leaving the car on the mainland at Aarøsund, as it is easy to get around the island - even on foot. If your legs get tired, you can rent golf carts.

Visit the island's very own vineyard and enjoy a glass of cool white wine while your children play on the nature playground. During the summer months, there are wine tastings, and often you can also go out into the vineyard. Taste beer from Denmark's smallest brewery and learn the history of Aarø in days gone by. Enjoy the sun's rays in the courtyard before continuing your Aarø tour. Stop by the beautiful Christmas church and the historic Bullade.

Remember to experience the impressive wildlife reserve if possible; there are months when it is the breeding season and therefore no access. End the day at Aarøs Perle with freshly caught pan-fried flatfish before taking the ferry back again

Par nyder et glas vin på Aarø Vingård
Foto: Destination Sønderjylland
Fugleudkigstårn på Aarø
Foto: Haderslev Kommune

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Frokost på Aarø Vingård

Visit Aarø

Foto: Destination Sønderjylland


With white sandy beaches stretching out towards both the north and south, you'll find the charming harbor town of Aarøsund right on the shores of Little Belt. Here, you can take a stroll along the marina and the new harbor promenade. The 300-meter-long promenade offers a 360-degree view of the fantastic Little Belt and the beautiful island of Aarø. Take a pit stop at Aarøsund harbor grill and grab an ice cream to enjoy on the promenade while soaking in the evening sun.

Did you know that Aarøsund is the only place on Little Belt where fish are still shipped for sale at the fish market in Hvidesande? It is also from here that caviar is exported to countries such as Japan, the USA, and Australia. Next to the fish factory is the old boatyard, which keeps alive the old artisan traditions. When it's open, you are very welcome to pop in and see the boat builders at work.


Kvinder og børn på supboards tæt på stranden ved Aarøsund
Foto: Peter Bjerke
Luftfoto af Aarøsund Lystbådehavn
Foto: Leif Nielsen

In the southern part of Aarøsund, you will find one of Denmark's largest campgrounds, Gammelbro Camping. Here, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and being creative. The campground has a swimming pool that is also available for use by guests who are not staying on-site.

From Aarøsund, you can lace up your hiking boots and embark on the Camino Haderslev Næs. The hiking route is 106 km long, but there's no requirement to cover it all in one day. It winds its way among 9 fantastic churches through the Southern Jutlandic landscape. Through fields and forests, along gravel paths, country roads, and cycle paths, with views of hills and water, Camino Haderslev Næs offers a delightful and varied journey.

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