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Bike rental

Nørre Frankel 1 B

6792 Rømø



Telefoon:+45 88 93 50 40

Want to experience the most beautiful parts of the island and see places that can not be seen from your car window? Hop on a bike and ride and cycle over pleasant bike paths through the dunes and enjoy the landscape that offers compelling views.

We have bikes for the whole family, in all different sizes - including tandems and mountain bikes.

We always get you on the right bike. Rømø Cykler has a bike rental and bike repair shop in Kongsmark. During high season our bicycles can also be rented at several partners.

Nørre Frankel 1 B

6792 Rømø


Ordinary bicycles

Childrens bicycles

Bicycle trailers

Electric bicycles

Mountain bikes


Child seats

Bicycle helmets

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