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The Wadden Sea National Park – UNESCO World Heritage – offers you unexpected and overwhelming events and there are so many ways to experience the world’s most important tidal zone. So if you want all your senses stimulated then join this oyster trip. We take you to the oysters, living a few hundred meters from the coastline where you can pic up as many oysters as you like.

OysterSafari always takes place at low tide, where we walk on the seabed to the oyster banks, which are situated in the cleanest area of the Wadden Sea. The soft seabed can be a bit of a challenge but still everyone can join in the program, it only requires reasonable clothing and a pair of Wellingtons

When you have filled your bucket we have a tasting and you will hear the fascinating history of the Wadden Sea oysters that use to belong to the Danish king and was an export item of great value. This type of oyster is now extinct but another story can yet be told about the new oysters in the area. We will also give you some information about how you can cook oysters and mussels.

The tour lasts about 2½-3 hours.
We recommend warm, wind- and waterproof clothing, some Gardening gloves (Neoprene) and Wellingtons.
Bring a bucket for the oysters and a garden fork if you want to dig for sand gaper etc.
The oyster bank that we are going to visit is situated in the cleanest area in the Wadden Sea, but eating fresh oysters is always at your own risk.

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