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Dybbøl Mill - the museum

National symbol of Danish bravery and museum over the millers through the ages and the history of the mill.

Dybbøl Mill is one of Denmark's most important national symbols. During the war of 1864, it became the symbol of the bravery of the Danish soldiers on the battlefield, and in the period 1864-1920 the symbol of the struggle of the Danish-minded southern Jutlanders under German rule. At the same time, it was a completely ordinary mill, which was run until 1990.

Today, the mill is a museum. On the ground floor of the grain magazine, there is an exhibition about the history of the mill 1744-2020. Here you can learn more about the influence of the two Schleswig Wars on the mill and about the family who lived there at the time. On the magazine loft, you will find an exhibition about Dybbøl as a symbol and about the many national celebrations - both Danish and German - that have taken place at Dybbøl Banke.

In the mill tower, you can see the old grinders and the big spur wheel. Afterwards you can go out on to the gallery and enjoy the beautiful view of Dybbøl Banke, Sønderborg and Vemmingbund.

Did you know that...

Dybbøl Mill is one of Sønderborg’s Top Attractions? If you have a combi-ticket for Sønderborg’s Top Attractions, you’ll be able to visit each of the five attractions – Universe Science Park, History Centre Dybbøl Banke, Sønderborg Castle, the iconic windmill at Dybbøl Mølle and Cathrinesminde Brickworks  – once during the course of the season. The combi-ticket costs DKK 449,- for adults and DKK 289,- for children between the ages of 5 and 15. The ticket is valid from the day you buy it until 20 October 2024 – so you’ve got plenty of time to visit all five attractions. The combi-ticket can be bought online or at tourist office in Sønderborg.

NB. Dybbøl Mill is closed for the winter in the period 1 November up to and including the Friday before Easter.

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