De oude stadswijk in Haderslev

Haderslev Historical Market Town

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Visit the awe-inspiring Haderslev Cathedral, towering above the roofs of the town. Explore the winding cobblestoned streets in the old quarter. Enjoy a walk along the harbour and promenade. Be amazed by the architectonic features. End the day with a stroll in our green oasis, Damparken.

If you visit Haderslev, you're also exploring an old historical trading town. Haderslev Historical Trading Town holds many fascinating tales of the past and present. The unique locations throughout the city center, where trade, restaurants, culture, and history are intertwined side by side, make Haderslev a vibrant city where every street corner holds stories. The historical district, the Cathedral, and the Square in the center are, despite severe fires in 1627 and 1759, well-preserved and feature houses from the 16th century.

Haderslev – a great place to stay

Haderslev has 700 years of history as a market town. Join a guided tour of Haderslev’s old town. Visit the Cathedral. Drop into our museums and immerse yourself in history. Take a stroll through winding cobblestoned streets and alleys. Check out the shops. Enjoy a hearty lunch on Torvet (square) with locally brewed ale. Visit the harbour with its promenade and numerous architectonic attractions. Check it out! StreetDome – Scandinavia’s largest and most versatile skate park. Harness on! Pit your strength against our 30m-high climbing wall. It is decorated with one of Denmark's largest murals, Havudsigt (seaview), by the internationally renowned artist, Victor Ash. End the day at our green oasis, Damparken (park & lake). Buy an  ice cream and take an enchanting trip on lake boat Dorothea.  

Haderslev Cathedral

If nothing else, as a visitor to Haderslev, you simply must visit our awe-inspiring cathedral. It has some of the highest domes in the Nordic region and one of Denmark's largest church organs. In the corridor beneath the chancel, there is a glass case with four chasubles and four antependia (decorative altar cloths). Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II designed all of these. In the aisle to the left of the chancel, you can see Denmark’s oldest surviving Danish-built church organ. There is a great deal more to see in the cathedral. If by chance you drop by in a school holiday week, you can join the verger’s tour of the cathedral attic. There are four gigantic bells up there. These were among 44 bells cast to celebrate Reunification in 1920. The bells were donated to the churches in Southern Jutland, whose bells had been melted down to make German cannons during the First World War.  

Torvet & the old quater

Stroll in the cobblestoned streets in one of this country’s oldest town centres. Here you can see ancient houses and a plethora of architectural details in the old quarter. You may even come across a 400-year-old wooden door. It is green. On Torvet (the Square), give yourself a minute to look around. This square has existed since the town was founded in the 12th century. There are many beautiful historical details. There are two half-timbered houses (Torvet 4 and 5). They have not changed much since they were built.

A selection of experiences

Gravene - The Market Square

Gravene is currently Haderslev’s market square. During the year, the events that take place here are usually part of larger events in Haderslev. Every Tuesday and Friday morning, there is a market on Gravene. People come here to buy local produce. The square is called “Gravene” (translates as “the trenches”) because in the past a channel was dug from Haderslev Lake all the way to the area now known as Gravene. The channel formed part of the town’s defences. It encircled the old town and Haderslevhus, a castle in Haderslev that pre-dated Hansborg Castle. During the 19th century, the channel was drained, filled in and subsequently paved. 

The green oasis - Damparken

Damparken lies as close to the centre of the city as you can get. Walk around the inner lake. There are benches where you can sit and enjoy views of Haderslev Cathedral and the larger outer lake. The park has beautiful flowerbeds, a rose garden, herb garden, playground, sculptures and memorial statues. At Bispen Cultural Centre you can loan disc golf equipment to use on the Damparken course. Enjoy a cup of coffee on Hotel Norden’s terrace or buy an ice cream from Damkiosken (snack bar). If you like, you can take your family out on the lake on pedal boats. Hire pedal boats from Damkiosken (snack bar). Absorb the sunset from the lake boat as it glides silently under bridges and out into the outer lake. 

The harbour and promenade

From the 200-year-old Ridehuset stables on Sejlstensgyde, you can walk to the harbour and attractive promenade. The scene is a striking contrast to the old town. Take a break here to enjoy an ice cream or coffee. Reach StreetDome, one of Scandinavia’s largest and most varied skateboard parks. This is a street sports magnet. The facility attracts and presents challenges to elite skaters but everyone is welcome to test their skills here. There are many different activities to choose from. StreetDome comprises a large outdoor area, an indoor skate dome and a silo that is Denmark's tallest climbing wall. It is 30 metres high. StreetDome provides ideal conditions for street sports enthusiasts, anyone with a passion for riding a skateboard, scooter or BMX bike or for roller-skating, climbing, bouldering and street running (parkour). 

Lille båd ved en af broerne i Haderslev Dampark
Foto: Kaare Lytsen
Foto: VisitHaderslev

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