Taste the products from Gram Castle

Organic products directly from the farm at Gram Slot.

Gram Castle has been famous for their proud agricultural traditions since the 1660's, and the current owners Svend and Sanne Brodersen chose to continue this legacy, when they purchased Gram Castle.

Today, the farm at Gram Castle is an open, organic farm that produces a number of different Ø-marked (Organic Mark) products, which are sold exclusively in REMA 1000 all over Denmark and in the farm shop at Gram Castle. REMA 1000 co-owns the organic farm, and this partnership has brought forward a large assortment of products. Amongst other things, Gram Castle produces flour, oatmeal, muesli and various bread mixes, as well as dairy products such as cream, cheese and 6 different kinds of milk.

Gram Castle practices the "from farm to fork"-principle, which is why the organic farm is open to all curious visitors. This way, you can go directly into the stables and see with your own eyes, how the products on the shelf in REMA 1000 is produces - that's from farm to fork.